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1) JsonRpc-Cpp needs JsonCpp, how do I install it ?

You must have subversion and scons build tool installed on your machine.

Get JsonCpp source code from SVN repository (there are no releases):

 $ svn co jsoncpp 
 $ cd jsoncpp/

a) Compilation

For Linux and MacOS X:

 $ scons platform=linux-gcc

For Windows (MinGW):

 $ scons platform=mingw

For Windows (Visual Studio):

 $ scons platform=msvc80 (or msvc70, msvc71 depending on your Visual Studio version)

b) Installation

You have to manually copy the shared library and include files

For Linux:

 # cp buildscons/linux-gcc-*/src/lib_json/libjson_linux-gcc* /usr/local/lib/
 # cp -r include/json /usr/local/include/json

For MacOS X:

 # cp buildscons/linux-gcc-*/src/lib_json/libjson_linux-gcc*.dylib /usr/local/lib/
 # cp -r include/json /usr/local/include/json

That's it, you have successfully installed JsonCpp, now you are ready to compile and install JsonRpc-Cpp.

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Page last modified on May 15, 2009, at 12:53 PM